Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Wrapping it all up...

What? An opportunity!

Why? No choice!

How? Plan and try...

When? As soon as...

Watch! and learn...

Don't let it rule you! Great Blog from Tim Ferriss, author of 4 hour workweek, on 'How to use Twitter without Twitter owning you'

Don't let these guys put you off:

  • Mr Fearful
  • Miss Trust
  • Mr Unwilling
  • Miss Salesalot


When? Advanced concepts...

Promoting without Prosletyising

Guidelines: Where you are
  1. Non-anonymous
  2. Originality
  3. Respect privacy
  4. Keep your job!
  5. Care
  6. Keep Blogging
  7. Money
  8. Networking
  9. Support
  10. Honesty

Monitor using: Google Analytics / Klout.com

Facebook: Etiquette

See how you measure up: Twitter Grader

Real Time viewer Feedjit

Monday, 18 January 2010

Friday, 15 January 2010

How to make the most of Twitter

Two types of 'Software' (my view, a matter of taste!):

Computer based best of breed Tweetdeck:

See tutorial on adding pictures to Tweet using Tweetdeck.

Web Browser based simple Brizzly (not as twee as it looks!):

Web Browser based fully featured Hootsuite:

Mobile (Tweetdeck for iPhone):

How to use Twitter

Glossary (from Twitter):
  • Following
  • Tweet
  • @username
  • Direct Message (DM)
  • ReTweet (RT)
  • Trends
  • Hashtag (#)
  • Shortened links (bit.ly)

How to Twitter Search works

Thursday, 14 January 2010

How does Twitter work for businesses?

From the page on Twitter giving a guide for business use.

A starting point (domestic): Twitter in plain English

What is being said about you? Twitter Search

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

How? - Networking...

  • Blogroll
  • Creating links
  • Protocol
  • Tags
Changing your layout

Adding extras

www and e-mail links

How - Creating a Blogger post

Posted by Picasa

How does Blogger work?

  • Create a Google account (use your e-mail address)
  • Click on My account
  • Click on Blogger
  • Make tea - follow nose...

How? Play and Plan

Create temporary account with Blogger - Free

Try other systems: Typead = simplicity, Wordpress = comprehensive

If you are low-key: posterous.com (my example)

Follow a page on Twitter of someone you know:

Essentially stick to three components as advised by Chris Brogan:


Why? Signs of Change...

  1. Trust is in and Paranoia and Arrogance out
  2. Embedded Generosity in and Embedded Hoarding out
  3. Online Community Building in and Online Personal Brand Building out
  4. Collaborative in and Competitive out
  5. Gen Y leaders in Boomer Leaders out (generational shift)
  6. Being in and Doing out...
h/t Jonny Baker

Useful stuff: http://uksnow.benmarsh.co.uk/ #uksnow

Communication speed: Haiti earthquake pictures

Raising aid funding: Haiti Redcross Donations

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Why care...?

... about the things you are passionate about?

18 million people in the UK read blogs, estimation world has 130 million.... your blog? (Source BBC2 'The Virtual Revolution' transmitted 30/01/2010)

Upward Trends:
  • Environment
  • Economy
  • Prudence
  • Generosity
  • Downloads
Downward Trends:
  • Financial Services
  • Banking
  • Members of Parliament
  • Physical product
From Business Link 'Loop'
  • Strengthening communication with customers
  • Reaching new customers
  • Improving your reputation
  • Generate third party references
  • See what your customers are interested in
  • Don’t sell persistently or aggressively
  • Conversation and connection
  • Be patient!

Why bother...?

Social Media is replacing what was telephone chit-chat with an online equivalent. If you resisted using a telephone in the old days it is the same as technofear nowadays.
I doubt any business person trolls down to the library to conduct research.

Monday, 11 January 2010

What... do you expect?

... to get out of it?


What are you prepared to contribute?

Always remember to apply common sense liberally :-)


Topics to be covered via an agenda with four key questions:
  1. What?
  2. Why?
  3. How?
  4. When?